Sunday, April 23, 2017

Book Review: Long Time Gone

Long Time GoneMary Connealy
Bethany House Publishers

The Bodens are back and the danger that found them in the first book of the Cimmaron Legacy has only escalated. Justin is the Boden sibling who is the most comfortable on behind the attacks on his family. Angie DuPree is new to town. Ironically, while Angie left home to seek shelter, she ended up finding herself in the middle of the the ranch. He desperately wants to figure out who is danger surrounding Justin and his family.

Angie wants control. Justin wants control. In the end, will these two be able trust each other?

This is the second book of the series, and I liked how the mystery has continued through each book. The author does a great job of pacing the story and keeping readers guessing as to who is behind all of the mayhem targeting the Boden family. What I wasn't quite expecting was how much more serious this series was compared to Connealy's other books. However, while Justin and Angie aren't my favorite "Connealy couple", it didn't keep me from enjoying the story as a whole. I look forward to the next book most of all!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Book Review: An Elegant Facade

An Elegant Facade
Kristi Ann Hunter
Bethany House Publishers

Georgia needs to find a husband.

To be exact, Georgia needs to find a titled husband that will allow her to live a comfortable life with the protection that a well established man can give to her. Plagued by flaws that the rest of the world can’t see, she knows that only the best match will keep her reputation intact. Colin is a shrewd businessman who owes his own success to his hard work. He may find himself surrounded by people with titles, but he is merely a gentleman with his own insecurities. Both Colin and Georgia have their own fears to conquer. As their friendship deepens, will these fears keep them from realizing they may be the best match for each other after all?

I have to admit something. It took me a long time to read this book. I LOVED the first book, A Noble Masquerade, and I thought I would love this book as quickly as I loved the last. However, Georgia annoyed me a little at first. I couldn’t figure out why she had such a need to be perfect. So….I stopped reading. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to give Georgia another chance.

A great storyteller entrances their audience by creating a powerful story with captivating characters and storylines. However, an excellent storyteller knows how to shock their audience. When I realized WHY Georgia acted the way she did, it all fell into place. And I felt shocked. So much so, that it made me realize how much the author truly developed the character so that you almost had to dislike her at first so that you could truly understand the depth of her facade.

So, long story short, I would definitely recommend this book. I look forward to the next book in this series, and I know you will, too!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for this honest review.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Book Review: From This Moment

From This Moment
Elizabeth Camden
Bethany House Publishers

Romulus White is the publisher of a well known scientific magazine and the only thing that would make his magazine even better is the artistic skill of Stella West, a famous artist living in England. Despite his many offers, Stella hasn’t had a reason to come to the United States to work for him. However, when her sister dies under mysterious circumstances, she finds herself in the same city as Romulus hoping to prove that her sister was murdered.

I was very amused by both Stella’s and Romulus’ personalities as they are both stubborn, ambitious, and proud. What have easily been annoying traits were obviously written by a talented author who knew how to develop well rounded characters. Even though they thought they were strong on their own, Stella and Romulus needed each other to break down their pride and open themselves up to grow. The issue of pride was a major theme throughout the book, and we saw this not only with our two main characters, but also with Evelyn and Clyde (who are the stars of their own novella, Summer of Dreams. I would definitely recommend this novel to anyone wanting an amusing, historical novel with a touch of mystery. Well done, Elizabeth Camden!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for this honest review.

School's Here! Celebrate with Reading

Well, for a majority of the United States, school is starting back again! It's an exciting time for teachers, kids, and parents. Back to early mornings, forming friendships, learning, and (my favorite part) more reading!

If you haven't already, I would highly recommend running to your nearest bookstore or library to get your kids a back to school book. Reading is such a vital part of a child's development, and my hope is that your kids will come back from the first day of school and be ready to dive back into a regular reading schedule.

Whether it's five minutes, one chapter, or one picture book per night, reading will positively impact your child's life and will create lasting memories!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Book Review: Her One and Only

Her One and Only
Becky Wade
Bethany House Publishers

When Dru Porter is assigned as protection agent for NFL player Gray Fowler, she knows that she will have her hands full. Dru is determined to move beyond her past mistakes, but that might prove tricky with this particular assignment. Gray is self assured, infuriating, and not too worried about the threats that he has been getting lately, which means he is not too happy that his agent is a spunky, headstrong woman who is determined to control his every movement. Dru just wants to keep her assignment safe. Gray just wants to play football and move on. But they might just find that protecting Gray will change both of their lives forever.

This is the fourth book in the Porter family saga and did not disappoint! I especially loved the themes that resonated throughout the book. The most impactful theme that I noticed in this book was forgiveness and moving beyond your past. Both Dru and Gray had issues from their past that shaped their characters and both had to come to a point of surrender in order to move forward. This truth just seemed to resonate throughout the book, and it was really interesting to see these characters evolve. Another bonus of this novel is that I loved that readers will also get an opportunity to catch up with the characters from Wade’s other Porter novels!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

Summer Reading Programs!

SUMMER is the best. It really is. It's a break from the normal. We have more energy (mostly because it doesn't get dark at 3:00 in the afternoon anymore) and it always seems like there is more time in the day during summer. That being said, there is definitely one thing that you should do for your kids: sign them up for a local summer reading program. 

I mean seriously, there's no reason not to. Your kids get an opportunity to keep working on their reading skills AND there are usually prizes. I mean, who doesn't love getting free prizes??

So, look up a local library and sign your kids up. It's summer. And in my opinion, books always make summer 10 times more fun!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Book Review: Until the Dawn

Until the Dawn
Elizabeth Camden
Bethany House Publishers

Sophie van Riijn is quite content manning her beloved weather stations at the Vandermark mansion. Now an attraction for tourists, its owners have left it alone for years due to an unspeakable tragedy. At least, they did leave it alone until Quentin Vandermark returns to tear it down. Sophie and Quentin have very different ideas for the future of the Vandermark estate. But will the mystery of the mansion bring these two together or will past hurts and stubborn hearts tear them apart?

I have read quite a few of Camden’s novels and I am always impressed by her character development. I’ve read many books where authors are unable to create unique identities separate from their other novels. In Until the Dawn, I liked Sophie’s passion for her weather station and her ability to persevere despite so many obstacles. Additionally, I was especially impressed by the mystery and darker feel to this book, which was not what I was expecting. For anyone who has read any of her previous novels, I would consider this novel a solid addition to Camden’s collection.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for this honest review.